Business Outline

  1. Our Strategy on How We Support Your Web Marketing

    We are good at analysis, hearing, and research to create an excellent site that supports your sales increase.
    Along with the analyze of the current site situation, we will analyze the result of hearing and user survey or analyze marketing research on users, competitors and the market of the product, services and business on the internet.
    Our propose will be based on our consistent concept of maximizing the cost-effectiveness of Web marketing such as SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) with the utmost efficiency.
    Since it is a performance-based payment, it is a low-risk Web marketing advertisement and we are proud to be able to provide it for you.

  2. Affiliate Advertising Service

    An affiliate is an advertisement system of performance-based fee type.
    It might be frustrating at first as it will not show results immediately when starting affiliate advertisement as it stands on the performance-based and attractive in terms of advertising costs.
    But if you take it for a long-term program and step up firmly you will get results little by little, resulting in a high efficiency.
    The best part of affiliate advertisement is the simple and easy installation with little risk, it could be said that it is a very good system in the long run.
    We have been offering affiliate advertisement services of various genres in the past.
    It would be our great honor to be of your help. Please contact anytime.
    We have the best support system for you to rely on us happily.

  3. SEO Consulting

    We believe SEO design is very important. Let us navigate you to the business success by suggesting the best keywords that turn users into customers for you. It would be a pleasant moment for us to share your idea at the meeting first.
    Our strategy for the keywords is not just to add the number of access but to increase the contact and create the actual sales orders as the most important.
    It cannot forget that the keywords are important not only for the immediate order but also to level up the site itself for the SEO design and long-term branding.
    Let us support you with our various plan that best suit to your purpose.

  4. Listing advertisement

    “Search engine marketing” is one of the marketing methods to collect users to the particular site by using Google search engine.
    The method to display an advertisement at the prominent place on a page that is related to search keyword on a search result screen is called “Search linked advertisement/ Listing advertisement”.
    It is also called PPC (Pay Per Click)as it generates advertising fee only when the user clicks its advertisement.
    The users visiting from the search result screen of the search engine could be excellent prospect customers as there are highly probable that they are interested in that field.

  5. Conversion Improvement

    We focus on the contents that grab users heart.
    And that is why we care for catch copies and sales writings along with the layout.
    It is our mission to realize your strategy on a home page that satisfies users demand and create landing pages that lead prospective customer into your true customer by increasing access to adding contents and updating blogs.